Case Study

myVitFitis an innovative fitness technology platform that bridges the gap between in-person training and typical fitness apps. Originally founded and developed in 2010 by fitness professional Elizabeth Robinson, the new and improved version is a turnkey solution for re-energizing membership to fitness clubs. dDubdigital was instrumental in designing, developing, and bringing this modern version to market.

The platform combines daily delivery of personalized, prescribed, audio-based fitness workouts; a full-featured private social network; and a suite of tools for fitness club owners and personal trainers to engage with their members and clients.

Brand Identity

The branding and identity was completely rethought to more accurately visually define the innovative nature of the product.

The original VitFit had a dark theme and a rudimentary logo. The founder wanted a contemporary, yet timeless, design with a brighter, lighter feel. The decision was also made to rename the flagship product from “VitFit” to “myVitFit” to further differentiate it from it’s predecessor, and to be accord with the URL,

original VitFit website
original VitFit logo

The logo redesign presented an opportunity to convey the personality of the brand, a character that was happy to be listening to their workout, with a sly smile. The greens and grays of the original branding were updated, and a logo package and design system were developed

myVitFit logo icon
Primary logo and icon
myVitFit logomark
Alternate logo version with letterform
myVitFit wordmark
Icon and wordmark combination

UI/UX & Web App Development

The myVitFit user interface and user experience needed to be simple, sophisticated, and neutral enough for bespoke customer branding. The user has four main pages accessible through a persistent footer menu:

  • myWorkout, that day’s exercise with audio presentation and instructional content.
  • myDashboard, the home page with assessment results, equipment recommendations, and other essential info.
  • mySocial, the private social network with all the typical social media features but restricted to the client club or organization.
  • mySupport, which includes contact information, training request form, app manual, and FAQs.

The platform needed to be highly accessible and platform agnostic, without the need to download a native app. With this in mind, myVitFit was developed with open-source technologies as a progressive web application.

Essential features include a proprietary algorithm that produces the most comprehensive online fitness assessment in the industry, as well as fitness programming that customizes to user’s needs.

Daily workouts with audio, images, and text instruction.
Private social network for every client organization.
myDashboard on tablet and mobile with program navigator and myVitFit Fitness Assessment, along with other features.
Customer branding variations on myVitFit web app.
The platform is able to be custom-branded with the client’s color schemes, to further integrate with the client’s existing digital properties.

Sales Website

As a B2B sales tool, the website needed to be rich in explanatory content, defining the new market category that the myVitFit platform represents. As a hybrid tool serving multiple market segments, myVitFit is a “Swiss Army Knife” of online fitness and the website needs to educate on how this product is differentiated from others.

Home page layout
Business opportunities page layout

Content Development

dDubdigital produced the photo shoots for the instructional content of the application. Video and audio assets are currently in production.

Regi Drake action shot by dDubdigital photography.
Meghan action photo produced by dDubdigital.
Paige modeling in studio for dDubdigital content production.
dDubdigital studio photography image of model Robin.

As myVitFit is still in development, dDudigital provides technical support, design, development, and marketing services on an on-going basis.

“David is a human Swiss army knife. He thinks creatively, solves problems methodically, and works collaboratively. David does it all, and well. He reimagined VitFit’s brand, giving it personality and accessibility that appeals to our market and distinguishes us in the fitness space. He found creative technical solutions that allowed us to develop efficiently and intelligently; and, his eye for design brought a complex offering together in a clean package. VitFit has asked a lot of David, and he has produced more and better than we could have ever expected. From photo shoots, to javascript, David holds himself to the highest standard. He’s also really fun.” 

– Elizabeth Robinson, Founder and CEO, VitFit, LLC