The Emancipated Kitchen was a concept pitch for an online cooking show with a political edge. With regular instructional videos, extensive blogging, and social media, people were taught to cook and while raising their political consciousness.

As Creative Director for the project, dDubdigital designed the brand identity, illustrations and animation, and was co-producer of the video features. Robot animated and performed in Adobe Character Animator by Marcell Marias.

branding logo identity
logo and wordmark variations
branding identity
Illustrated design elements were used on website, in animations, and printed merchandise.

The intro explainer video and Kickstarter pitch.

This was a pilot episode video to demonstrate the startup to potential investors.

The Mac and Cheese Song was a supplementary promotional video for social media. Robot character animated and performed in Adobe Character Animator by Marcell Marias,

These animated characters were modeled after folk art “kitchen witch” figures, and the IRL originals were built out of vintage culinary parts and pieces by Marcell Marias. The animated versions were intended to bring a whimsical and comic relief to the videos, and be used in social media. Illustrations and Character Animator puppets by dDubdigital; concept, voicing and performance by Marcell Marias. Marcell also was co-producer and co-founder of the project.

Character Animator puppet - Informa
Character Animator puppet Informa used in animated sequences. Informa’s character was an over-caffeinated know-it-all and interacted with live host/chef.
Character Animator puppet - Sally
Character Animator puppet Sally used in animated sequences. Sally’s character was an anxious safety monitor and interacted with live host/chef.

Slogans for merchandise by dDubdigital.

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