dDubdigital, a creative digital agency based in Seattle, WA.



I’m David W Halsell, principal at dDubdigital.
Also designer, developer, marketer, and producer.


Based in Seattle and with a varied background in the fine arts, the building and marine trades, publicity, and technology, I have overseen a great number of projects large and small. I work with an ensemble group of talented people that I can call on for a variety of tasks. That’s the “we” in dDubdigital – making connections and building teams to communicate your story.


dDubdigital came about some years ago as web development, Internet marketing, and digital content creation all became so interdependent I could no longer just call myself a web developer. With dDubdigital, I can work on a wide range of projects with a greater number of people. We are standards-compliant, performance-oriented, and know how to tell a story in a variety of media forms. Compelling, user-centric design is key to engaging an audience online, and we have worked dozens of projects for businesses and organization like yours. See some here.


Your story needs to be told! The “big picture” of why and what you do needs to be understoodby and communicated to the public. That’s where dDubdigital excels: a comprehensive understanding of your needs and how to tell your story in an engaging, thoughtful, and effective way. It all begins with listening to your dreams and pains, concerns and goals, and then developing a strategic vision to tell that story – your essential mission that’s driving you to excel at what you do! 


We work best when we can develop the overall messaging with you. We start by listening, crafting your story, and establishing a strategy to reach your goals. From websites to design to documentary film, we can also fill in the holes you may have in your current marketing efforts. Marketing is also a complicated moving target, and sometimes you just need someone to keep all the pieces moving in sync. And you also need to know how those efforts are succeeding and what your ROI is. dDubdigital can handle all this and more!

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