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ddubdigital is the Seattle-based visual design studio of David W. Halsell, a trusted service provider that brings high-value digital media solutions to your organization or small business. Whether it is video or audio production and post, developing media assets for internal and external content marketing, WordPress consulting, or a range of other services such as search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing, and social media strategy, ddubdigital can help you get your message out to your audience.
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"David at ddubdigital is equal parts responsible and creative, which is a rare but essential combination of qualities to look for when vetting web designers. He was patient and helpful throughout the initial design phase, and has been just as responsive ever since. He understands that a website is an evolving thing, much like the people and organizations they represent. He answers my concerns, questions, and requests not just within the same day, but usually within hours. I highly recommend both his design and and management services."

Connor Desai, Musician and educator, ConnorDesai.com